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Submit an offer for a domain name.

Thank you! We'll be in touch.

How does submitting a QUAD domain name offer work?


Complete the simple QUAD domain name offer form. (Be sure to double-check the details within each field for accuracy.) Following submission, you can expect to receive an offer acceptance, rejection or counteroffer email. In cases where an offer is accepted, the email will outline simple payment and domain transfer instructions relative to the offer preferences submitted.


How long do I have to honor my QUAD domain name offer?


Due to the demand for QUAD's domain assets, we provide a 44-hour honor window for offers that are submitted AND accepted. During the honor window, any applicable domain asset(s) will be reserved and unavailable to the public. If the offer isn't honored within the 44-hour window, per the instructions outlined in the acceptance email, the asset(s) will be taken off reserve; and the offer voided.


How long will it take for me to gain custody of a domain asset?


QUAD prides itself on initiating the transfer of domain assets immediately following confirmation of payment submission. Transfer of a domain asset is initiated via the custody medium where the asset is held. (Ex: Godaddy, Namecheap, Metamask etc.). The transfer processing time depends on the domain custody medium. (Note: QUAD provides asset transfer status updates and confirmations via email.)



Does QUAD share my information? (Name, email address, phone number etc.)


QUAD will NOT share information unless required by law. We only request information that's relevant to processing offers, confirming payments and initiating asset transfers. This does NOT include personal names, phone numbers or home addresses. Email address, registrar account number and/or crypto-wallet address are generally the only information necessary for QUAD to transfer a domain asset.

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